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SiSAL Journal: Volume 4, Number 3, September 2013

Volume 4, Number 3, September 2013 
Edited by Jo Mynard


  • “Beautifying the Beast”: Customising Online Instruction in a Writing Course for Jamaican Tertiary-level Students by Michelle Stewart-McKoy (157-174) [full text] [PDF]
  • Enhancing Student Self-Study Attitude and Activity with Motivational Techniques by Kent Rhoads and Jonathan deHaan (175-195) [full text] [PDF]
  • Development and Use of Moodle for Online Student Support by Moira Hobbs and Yvonne Hynson (196-207) [full text] [PDF]

Regular Column

  • Needs Analysis: Investigating Students’ Self-directed Learning Needs Using Multiple Data Sources by Keiko Takahashi, Jo Mynard, Junko Noguchi, Akiyuki Sakai, Katherine Thornton and Atsumi Yamaguchi (208-218) [full text] [PDF]


  • Book review: The Applied Linguistic Individual: Sociocultural Approaches to Identity, Agency and Autonomy Edited by Phil Benson and Lucy Cooker by Cem Balçıkanlı (219-222) [full text] [PDF]
  • Book review: Autonomy in Language Learning: Stories of Practices Edited by Andy Barfield and Natanael Delgado Alvarado by Adelia Peña Clavel (223-226) [full text] [PDF]


  • Upcoming Special Issue: Call for papers: Special Issue on Accessing and Accessorizing for Self-Access Language Learning (SALL). December, 2013 (Volume 4, Issue 4) edited by Carol J. Everhard. Final deadline for submissions: October 15th, 2013 Details:
  • Event announcement: Directions in Self-access learning Symposium: One day symposium to be held at Kanda University of International Studies, Japan on October 19th, 2013. Registration free. Open to administrators, educators and students. Please see the website for details:

SiSAL Journal, 4(2). Special Issue on Supporting Self-directed Learning

Special Issue on 
Supporting Self-directed Learning

Volume 4, Number 2, June 2013 
Edited by Jo Mynard

  • Editorial: Special Issue on Supporting Self-directed Learning by Jo Mynard (70-72) [full text] [PDF]


  • The Relationship Between Learners’ Self-directed Learning Readiness and their English for Specific Purposes Course Accomplishment at Distance Education in Iran by Parinaz Mohammadi and Seyed Mahdi Araghi (73-84) [full text] [PDF]
  • Beyond the Classroom: The Role of Self-Guided Learning in Second-Language Listening and Speaking Practice by Marion Davis (85-95) [full text] [PDF]
  • A Move Towards Autonomy: Individualized Education Plans for Effective Materials Use by Kenneth Cranker and Nicole Servais (96-124) [full text] [PDF]
  • Self-access Language Learning Programme: The case of the English Language Voluntary Intensive Independent Catch-up Study by Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous (125- 140) [full text] [PDF]

Regular Column

  • General Introduction to the “Case Studies in Self-Access” Column  by Jo Mynard [full text]
  • Case Study Introduction by Katherine Thornton (Column Editor) [full text] [PDF]
  • Re-designing a Curriculum for Self-directed Language Learning: Defining Parameters by Katherine Thornton [full text] [PDF]


  • Upcoming Special Issue: Call for Papers 

Special Issue on Accessing and Accessorizing for Self-Access Language Learning (SALL). December, 2013 (Volume 4, Issue 4) edited by Carol J. Everhard, Independent Researcher (formerly) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

First call for submissions: August 1st, 2013
Final deadline for submissions: October 1st, 2013

SiSAL Journal 4(1), Special Issue on Self-Access Writing Support

Special Issue on Self-Access Writing Support


Volume 4, Number 1, March 2013

Issue edited by Rachael Ruegg


  • Writing Centers: Who are they for? What are they for? by Elton LaClare and Tracy Franz (5-16) [full text] [PDF]
  • So You Want to Start a Peer Online Writing Center? by Christine Rosalia (17-42)  [full text] [PDF]
  • The Learner as Researcher: Student Concordancing and Error Correction by Jacqueline Mull (43-55)  [full text] [PDF]

Reviews and Reports

  • Announcing the ESL-WOW for Self-Directed Writing Support by Thaddeus M. Niles  (56-61)  [full text] [PDF]
  • JASAL Forum 2012: Making a Difference Through Self Access. Report on the Japan Association of Self Access Learning (JASAL) Forum held in Hamamatsu, Japan in October 2012 by Satomi Shibata  (62-69)  [full text] [PDF]


Upcoming special issue: Call for papers

SiSAL Journal Volume 3, Number 4, December 2012

Special issue on Strategies and Self-Regulation in Self-Access Learning

Volume 3, Number 4, December 2012 Download complete issue PDF / Read online (

Issue edited by Heath Rose

Featured Articles

  • Learning Strategies: Prototypical Core and Dimensions of Variation by Yongqi Gu (330-356) [full text] [PDF]
  • Alternative Models of Self-regulation and Implications for L2 Strategy Research by Jim Ranalli (357-376) [full text] [PDF]
  • Re-placing the Jewel in the Crown of Autonomy: A Revisiting of the ‘Self’ or ‘Selves’ in Self-access by Carol J. Everhard (377-391)  [full text] [PDF]

Research Articles

  • The Metacognitive Strategic Knowledge of Seven Successful Chinese L1 Readers at a North American University: A Qualitative Study by Alex Poole  (392-406) [full text] [PDF]
  • EFL Students’ Writing Strategies in Saudi Arabian ESP Writing Classes: Perspectives on Learning Strategies in Self-access Language Learning by Mohammad Alnufaie and Michael Grenfell  (407-422) [full text] [PDF]
  • Exploring the Effects of Self-efficacy on Vocabulary Learning strategies by Atsushi Mizumoto  (423-437) [full text] [PDF]
  • Language Counseling Trends: Implications for Beginning Language Learner Strategy Instruction by Erin O’Reilly (438- 451) [full text] [PDF]
  • Leading the Proverbial Thirsty Horse to Water: ESL Learners’ Experience with Language Learning Contracts by Normah Ismail and Masdinah Alauyah Md Yusof  (452-464) [full text] [PDF]
  • Self-access Materials: Their Features and their Selection in Students’ Literacy Practices by María del Rocío Domínguez-Gaona, Guadalupe López-Bonilla and Karen Englander (465-481)  [full text] [PDF]


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SiSAL Journal, Volume 3, Number 3, September 2012

Volume 3, Number 3, September 2012 (Download complete issue PDF or view on
Issue edited by Jo Mynard


  • The Impact of Teacher Training for Autonomous Learning by Martha Armida Fabela-Cárdenas (215-236) [full text] [PDF]

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SiSAL Journal Volume 3, Number 2, June 2012

Volume 3, Number 2, June 2012 (download complete issue PDF or view on

Issue edited by Jo Mynard.
  • Language Learning Strategy Research: Where do we go from here? by Heath Rose (137-148) [full text] [PDF ]
  • Investigating the Information Needs of University Students in Foundational Foreign Language Courses by Glenna Westwood (149-162) [full text] [PDF]
  • Advising Practices: A Survey of Self-Access Learner Motivations and Preferences by Leander S. Hughes, Nathan P. Krug, and Stacey L. Vye (163-181) [full text] [PDF]
  • Supporting the Language and Learning Development of  EAL Students in Australian Higher Education by Paul J. Moore (182-195) [full text] [PDF]
Short papers
  • Investigating Students’ Ways to Learn English Outside of Class: A Researchers’ Narrative by Howard Doyle and Michael Parrish (196-203) [full text] [PDF]
  • Learning Phrasal Verbs Autonomously by Pauline Moore Hanna (204-211) [full text] [PDF]