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March, 2019

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Volume 10, Number 1, March 2019

Special Issue: Papers from the Third Psychology of Language Learning Conference

Edited by David Mcloughlin and Jo Mynard

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  • Introduction to the Special Issue: Papers from the Third Psychology of Language Learning Conference by David McLoughlin and Jo Mynard (1-4) [full text] [PDF]

Research Papers

  • Motivational Dynamics in Language Advising Sessions: A Case Study by Eduardo Castro (5-20) [full text] [PDF]
  • Primary Teachers’ Experiences in Preparing to Teach Irish: Views on Language Proficiency and Promoting the Language by Claire M. Dunne (21-43) [full text] [PDF]
  • Chinese Language Learner Motivation: Vision, Socialization and Progression by Junqing Jia (44-60) [full text] [PDF]
  • A Pedagogical Attempt to Promote Japanese College EFL Learners’ Self-Growth by Masao Kanaoka (61-78) [full text] [PDF]
  • Longitudinal Trajectories of Emotions in Four Dimensions Through Language Advisory Sessions by Ryo Moriya (79-110) [full text] [PDF]

Work in Progress

  • Exploring Third-Age Foreign Language Learning from the Well-being Perspective: Work in Progress by Dorota Matsumoto (111-116) [full text] [PDF]
  • Exploring Facilitative and Debilitative Spaces: A Shift in Focus from Classrooms to Learning Systems by Nathan Thomas (117-125) [full text] [PDF]


  • Conference Review of Psychology of Language Learning 3, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan (June 7-10, 2018) by Greg Rouault and Colin Skeates (126-134) [full text] [PDF]

 Upcoming Events

  • The International Association for Psychology of Language Learning (IAPLL), 4th International Conference June 24-28, 2020, Cape Breton University, Sydney, Nova Scotia in Canada.


Cover photo by Jo Mynard taken at PLL3, Tokyo, Japan. June, 2018.


Volume 9, Number 4, December 2018

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Volume 9, Number 4, December 2018

Edited by Diego Mideros and Jo Mynard



  • Introduction by Jo Mynard and Diego Mideros (413-414) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Becoming a Language Learning Advisor: Insights From a Training Program in Brazil by Walkyria Magno e Silva and Eduardo Castro (415-424) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Comparative Analysis of Writing Strategies and Performance in a Saudi University by Miriam Alkubaidi (425-443) [Full text] [PDF]

Reviews (edited by Hisako Yamashita)

  • Learners About Learning’ Student Conference Review by Agnes Patko, Ann Flanagan, and Katherine Thornton (444-447) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Review of the Independent Learning Association 2018 Conference by Elizabeth Schlingman (448-455) [Full text] [PDF]

Upcoming Events

  • Supporting Educators in Developing Language Learner Autonomy. IATEFL Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group event. April 1, 2019. Liverpool, UK. Read more…
  • Independence & Interdependence: The Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL2019), May 16-18, 2019. Tokyo, Japan. Read more…

Cover photo by Benjamin Snyder taken at SILC, Sojo University, Kumamoto, Japan

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December, 2017

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Volume 8, Number 4, December 2017 

Edited by Kevin Knight, Jo Mynard and Erin Okamoto

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  • Introduction: Supporting Leadership and Academic Development in a SALC by Kevin Knight, Jo Mynard and Erin Okamoto (291-293) [full text] [PDF]


  • Conceptualizing Leadership Development in the KUIS SALC by Kevin Knight (294-304) [full text] [PDF]
  • Using Social Networks to Promote Collaboration and Leadership in Foreign Language Learning by Micòl Beseghi (305-322) [full text] [PDF]

Academic Support

  • The Evolution of a SAL Desk: From Academic Writing to Language Support by Shawn Andersson and Maho Nakahashi (323-333) [full text] [PDF]
  • What Constitutes Effective Tutoring on Scripts and Oral Presentations? by Diletta Fabiani and Marta Soler Alemany (334-353) [full text] [PDF]
  • Principles of my TOEIC Test-Prep Workshops and Self-Access Online Materials for TOEIC Preparation by Atsumi Yamaguchi (354-357) [full text] [PDF]

  Reviews (Edited by Hisako Yamashita)

  • Learning Japanese: Voices of Experience by Belinda Kennett and Yuriko Nagao reviewed by Michael Lin (358-361) [full text] [PDF]
  • Language Learner Autonomy: Theory, Practice and Research by David Little, Leni Dam and Lienhard Legenhausen reviewed by Jo Mynard (362-370) [full text] [PDF]

 Upcoming Events

  • Asian Conference on Language Learning (ACLL), Kobe, Japan. April 27-29, 2018.
  • Psychology of Language Learning Conference (PLL3), Tokyo, Japan. June, 2018.
  • Independent Learning Association (ILA) Conference, Kobe, Japan. September 2018.

Call for Papers: Special Issue of SiSAL Journal. Selected papers from the 2017 Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL) Conference.

  • To be edited by Hisako Yamashita, Clair Taylor and Andy Tweed and published in June 2018. The deadline for submissions from presenters or participants is March 31st 2018.

Cover photo: Global Plaza, Meijo University, Nagoya, Japan.

June, 2017

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Special Issue: Papers from the 7th Independent Learning Association Conference in Wuhan, China, 4-7 November 2016 

Edited by Kerstin Dofs and Moira Hobbs



Introductory Papers by Guest Editors Moira Hobbs and Kerstin Dofs

  • Foreword (84-85) [full text] [PDF]
  • Opening Speech (86-87) [full text] [PDF]
  • Self-Access Centre and Autonomous Learning Management: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going? (88-101) [full text] [PDF]

Papers by Keynote Speakers

  • The Pedagogy of Learner Autonomy: Lessons from the Classroom by Sara Cotterall (102-115) [full text] [PDF]
  • Autonomy in the Time of Complexity: Lessons from Beyond the Classroom by Garold Murray (116-134) [full text] [PDF]
  • Language Learning Beyond the Classroom: Access all Areas by Phil Benson (135-146) [full text] [PDF]

Papers by Presenters at the Symposium on Self-Access Learning

  • The Evolution and Devolution of Management and Training Needs for Self-Access Centre Staff by David Gardner (147-156) [full text] [PDF]
  • Encouraging Autonomy Through a Community of Practice: The Role of a Self-Access Centre by Maria Giovanna Tassinari (157-168) [full text] [PDF]
  • Promoting Learner Autonomy and Self-Directed Learning: The Evolution of a SALC Curriculum by Jo Mynard and Rob Stevenson (169-182) [full text] [PDFPDF]
  • Autonomy and Complexity in Social Learning Space Management  by Garold Murray (183-193) [full text] [PDF]

Press Release 

  • Interview with Jianying Du, Kerstin Dofs and Moira Hobbs on Friday, November 4th, 2016, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) by Wen Shanshan (194-198) [full text] [PDF]

Calls for papers 

Conference: The Japan Association on Self-Access Learning (JASAL) Annual Conference on 16th December, 2017 in Chiba, Japan. Deadline for submissions: September 3rd.

Special Issue of SiSAL Journal. December 2017 issue on student leadership in self-access to be edited by Kevin Knight, Jo Mynard and Erin Okamoto. Deadline for papers: September 10th.

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SiSAL Journal issue 7(3)

coverpagesep2016smallVolume 7, Number 3, September 2016

A general issue edited by Jo Mynard

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Full articles

  • Self-Access Centres in South Korea: Bridging Physical and Online Spaces by Seanan Clifford (237-259) [full text] [PDF]
  • Advising in Language Learning: Confirmation Requests for Successful Advice-Giving by Yukari Rutson­-Griffiths and Mathew Porter (260-286) [full text] [PDF]

Edited by Hisako Yamashita

  • New Scenarios in Autonomy for Foreign Language Learning: Conference Summary and Reflections by Phil Benson, Marina del Carmen Chávez Sánchez, David McLoughlin, Jo Mynard, and María de la Paz Adelia Peña Clavel (287-296) [full text] [PDF]

Language Learning Spaces: Self-Access in Action
Edited by Katherine Thornton

Part 6: Attracting users

  • Introduction: Promoting Engagement with Language Learning Spaces: How to Attract Users and Create a Community of Practice by Katherine Thornton (297-300) [full text] [PDF]
  • Increasing Attendance in a Self-Access Language Lounge by Simon Bibby, Kym Jolley, and Frances Shiobara (301-311) [full text] [PDF]
  • Extensive Reading as the First Step to Use the SALC: The Acclimation Period and a Community of Language Learners by Satomi Shibata (312-321) [full text] [PDF]
  • Promoting Independent English Language Learning within an Asian Tertiary Institution: The Lingnan Experience by Marc C. LeBane, Mariel Shilling, and Austin Harris (322-330) [full text] [PDF]

Upcoming event

  • Student conference: Empowering Students in Self-Access Learning Conference (ESSALC) on October 15th. More details.

Cover photo: Taken in the SALC at Hiroshima Bunkyo Women’s University, Japan.

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SiSAL Journal 7(1) Published

JournalcoverpageMarch2016miniVolume 7, Number 1, March 2016

Edited by Jo Mynard

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Regular papers

  • The Impact of Online Training on Saudi Medical Students’ Attitudes, Awareness, and Use of Language Learning Strategies in Relation to their Developing Autonomy by Sahar Alzahrani and Julie Watson (4-15) [full text] [PDF]
  • Considerations in Developing a Peer Mentoring Programme for a Self-Access Centre by Neil Curry and Satoko Watkins (16-29)  [full text] [PDF]
  • Youth and the Disruption of Power: Student-Run Conversation Workshops in a Mexican Self-Access Centre by James Simmonds (30-45)  [full text] [PDF]

Work in progress

  • Balancing Competing Needs among Stakeholders: Lessons from the Self-access Language Learning Centre (SALL) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) by Kwan-yee Sarah Ng and Yang Gu (46-55)  [full text] [PDF]

Edited by Hisako Yamashita

  • Book Review: Assessment and Autonomy in Language Learning. Edited by Carol J. Everhard and Linda Murphy by Marilyn Lewis (56-59)  [full text] [PDF]
  • Report on the JASAL 10th Anniversary Conference, 2015 by Andrew D. Tweed (60-68)  [full text] [PDF]

Language Learning Spaces: Self-Access in Action
Edited by Katherine Thornton

Part 4: Scaffolding the Development of Learner Autonomy Through Facility-Based Initiatives

  • Introduction: Learning Space-Based Initiatives for Developing Learner Autonomy: Design And Implementation by Katherine Thornton (69-71)  [full text] [PDF]
  • Autonomous Language Learning In Self-Access Spaces: Moodle in Action by Kerstin Dofs and Moira Hobbs (72-83)  [full text] [PDF]
  • On the Road to Developing a Learning Advisory Program (LAP)by Tarık Uzun, Hatice Karaaslan, and Mümin Şen (84-95)  [full text] [PDF]
  • Implementing a Language Learning Advising Service at a Self-Access Center in Cambodia by Andrew D. Tweed (96-109)  [full text] [PDF]

Cover image: The ILC at Yildrim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey

SiSAL Journal 6(4). Special Issue on Young Learners and Self-Access

Special Issue on Young Learners and Self-Access
Edited by Annamaria Pinter, Robert J. Werner and Jo Mynard

  • Self-Access and Young Learners: Introduction to the Special Issue by Jo Mynard, Annamaria Pinter, and Robert J. Werner [full text] [PDF]


  • ‘After Mom Gets Some Books, Then I’ll Make a Selection’: A 5-Year-Old ELL’s Decision-Making in the Book-Related Home Playby Heeyang Park  [full text] [PDF]
  • About a Boy: A Gamer and L2 English Speaker Coming into Being by Use of Self-Access by Pia Sundqvist [full text][PDF]
  • L2 Motivation and Young Self-Instructed Learners’ Persistence in Learning English: A Causal Analysis by Chika Takahashi  [full text] [PDF]
  • An Example of Classroom Practice Using Flashcards for Young Learners: Preliminary Indications for Promoting Autonomy by Feng Teng and Fang He  [full text] [PDF]
  • Self-Access and Metacognitive Awareness in Young Learners:How Japanese Sixth Graders Learn How to Learn English by Robert J. Werner and Yu Kobayashi  [full text] [PDF]

Work in Progress

  • Sea Change in Library Use by Ian Adkins and Devin Unwin  [full text] [PDF]

Book Reviews
Edited by Hisako Yamashita

  • ‘Teaching Young Learners To Think’ by Herbert Puchta and Marion Williams. Reviewed by Duncan Jamieson  [full text] [PDF]
  • ‘Stories and Storyline’ by Sharon Ahlquist and Réka Lugossy.Reviewed by Nena Nikolic-Hosonaka  [full text] [PDF]

Language Learning Spaces Part 3: Developing Effective Student Staff Training Programmes
Edited by Katherine Thornton

  • Introduction: Supporting Student Staff Through Effective Training by Katherine Thornton  [full text] [PDF]
  • Peer-led Discussion Groups in Foreign Languages: Training International Students to Become Peer-Facilitators by Catherine Jeanneau and Stéphanie O’Riordan  [full text] [PDF]
  • Effective Training for SALC Student Staff: Principles Borne from Experience by Ashley R. Moore and Misato Tachibana  [full text] [PDF]
  • Training Student Workers in a Social Learning Space by Naomi Fujishima [full text] [PDF]


  • Upcoming Special Issue: Second call for papers

Special Issue on Virtual and other learning spaces, June, 2016 (Volume 7, Issue 2) edited by Curtis Edlin and Jo Mynard. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: January 15th, 2016. More details…

Cover photo by Andy Lind