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Volume 13, Issue 4 published

Volume 13, Issue 4, December 2022

Edited by Jo Mynard



  • Shadow Education in Hong Kong: An Insight From Local Private Tutors by Richard Ching Ho Cheng (392–408) [Full text] [PDF]
  • EAL Student Capability: Taking a Leap Through the Dragon’s Gate by Kerstin Dofs (409–425) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Processes Employed to Introduce Autonomous Learning by Secundino Isabeles Flores, María Magdalena Cass Zubiría, and Raphael Hubert Elie Sebire (426–441) [Full text] [PDF]

Reviews (edited by Hisako Yamashita)

  • Nearpod Slides to Enhance Students’ Self-Study by Kiki Juli Anggoro, Uswatun Khasanah, and Nicola Milnes (442–446) [Full text][PDF]

Recently Published

  • JALT Learner Development SIG. The Learner Development Journal, Issue 6: Learner development beyond the classroom. Edited by Isra Wongsarnpigoon, Dominique Vola Ambinintsoa, Phillip A. Bennett, & André Parsons. [LINK]

Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2022

Volume 13, Issue 3, September 2022

Edited by Jo Mynard



  • Mobile-Assisted Language Learning Applications: Features and Characteristics from Users’ Perspectives by Mohammad R. Alnufaie (312–331) [Full text] [PDF]
  • A Critical History of Autonomous Language Learning: Exposing the Institutional and Structural Resistance Against Methodological Innovation in Language Education by Santiago Betancor-Falcon (332–346) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Developing Learner Autonomy and Goal-Setting Through Logbooks by Diane Raluy and Ramon Mislang (347–366) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Investigating the Significance of Coxhead’s Academic Word List for Self-Access Learners by Thinley Wangdi and Ringphami Shimray (367–388) [Full text] [PDF]

Research Summaries

  • What do Chinese Learners of English Want from a University Writing Centre? A Chinese Tertiary Student’s Views on Writing Centre Peer Tutoring by Yu Hang Kwan (389–395) [Full text] [PDF]

Upcoming events

  • Inclusion and Accessibility in Self-Access Language Learning. The Japan Association for Self-Access Learning National Conference. Akita International University. Saturday 22nd October, 2022.

June 2022

Volume 13, Number 2, March 2022. Special Issue: Papers from the AILA 2021 Symposium

Edited by Kerstin Dofs and Diego Mideros


  • Introduction by Kerstin Dofs and Diego Mideros (177–181) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Complexity in Advising for Language Learning: From Theory to Practice by Maria Giovanna Tassinari (182–199)[Full text] [PDF]
  • A Complex Dynamic Model of Autonomy Development by Larissa Borges (200–223) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Concealing Identity Strategy: An Autonomous Chinese-Speaking Sojourner’s Linguistic and Social Involvements in a Religious Social Setting in The UK by Xinyang Lu, Vanessa Mar-Molinero, and Vicky Wright (224–247) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Teacher Roles in Promoting Out-of-Class Learning: Lessons From a Spanish for Specific Purposes Course by Diego Mideros (248–261)[Full text] [PDF]
  • Case Pedagogy in Initial Teacher Education: An Analysis of its Contribution to the Development of Professional Competences for Autonomy by Manuel Jiménez Raya and Borja Manzano Vázquez (262–285) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Autonomy, Empathy, and Transformation in Language Teacher Education: A Qualitative Study by Larissa Borges and Eduardo Castro (286–304) [Full text] [PDF]

Summaries and Reviews

  • Groningen 2021 by Diego Mideros and Kerstin Dofs (305–306) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Book Review: How to Learn Spanish: A Guide to Powerful Principles and Strategies for Successful Learning and Self-Empowerment by Maria Blanco, reviewed by Kerstin Dofs. (307–308) [Full text] [PDF]
  • AILA ReNLA Newsletter: AILA Congress in Groningen 2021 [PDF]

Cover image: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Wutsje / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Volume 11(4) Published!

Volume 11, Number 4, December 2020


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Volume 11, number 1, March 2020

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Volume 11, number 1, March 2020

Edited by Jo Mynard and Hisako Yamashita




  • Introduction by Jo Mynard and Hisako Yamashita (1-4) [full text] [PDF]

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