Volume 11(4) Published!

Volume 11, Number 4, December 2020


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New Journal Submission Procedure

Authors can now submit their manuscripts via Scholastica, a peer review system for open access journals.

Before you submit an article, please make sure:

  • That your manuscript falls within the scope of the journal and has applications to the field of self-access.
  • That your manuscript is formatted according to our style guidelines.
  • That your literature review is relevant and up to date.
  • That your manuscript is clear and well organised, and has been proofread by a colleague.
  • There is no information on your submission that can identify you (for the blind review process).

Please note that SiSAL Journal does not charge authors or potential authors any processing fees.

DOI numbers to be added to all SiSAL Journal articles

We are delighted to announce that as we are now members of the metadata portal Crossref, we are able to add doi numbers to all of our articles. We intend to add them to all of our papers starting with articles in the most recent issues. The unique webpages for each article will also be gradually updated. The prefix for SiSAL Journal is 10.37237 which is followed by the issue number, volume number, and article number. e.g, doi:20.37237/110101 refers to Issue 11, Volume 1, Article 1 (the introduction) https://sisaljournal.org/archives/mar20/introduction/

Volume 11, number 1, March 2020

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Volume 11, number 1, March 2020

Edited by Jo Mynard and Hisako Yamashita




  • Introduction by Jo Mynard and Hisako Yamashita (1-4) [full text] [PDF]

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Self-access and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Call for papers. SiSAL Journal is planning to publish a special issue on Self-access and the Coronavirus Pandemic in September 2020 (Volume 11, Issue 3). DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: July 20th, 2020.

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