Published: Volume 14, Number 1, March 2023

Special Issue on Online Advising and Consultations in Self-Access

Edited by Jo Mynard and Adelia Peña Clavel


  • Introduction by Jo Mynard and Adelia Peña Clavel (1–4) [Full text] [PDF]


  • The Future Role of Online Consultations Within Self-access Learning by Shawn Andersson and Maho Nakahashi (5–25) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Establishing an Online Writing Centre: Understanding Writing Consultants’ Perceptions and Experiences of Synchronous Virtual One-to-One Tutoring by Yu Hang Kwan (26–44) [Full text] [PDF]
  • Learner and Advisor Perceptions of Online Advising During a Pandemic by Jo Mynard, Satoko Kato and Scott J. Shelton-Strong (45–66) [Full text] [PDF]
  • The New Normal: Student Preferences for Online Advising Before, During, and After the Pandemic by Miriam Sullivan and Michael McAuley (67–80) [Full text] [PDF]

Regular Column: Ethnographies of Self-Access Language Learning (Edited by Rob Werner)

  • Preface to the Column by Rob Werner (81)
  • Six mois sur Duolingo pour apprendre le français, le chinois, et d’autres langues : An Experiential Diary Account of Linguistic Diversity by Rachel Suet Kay Chan (81–101) [Full text] [PDF]

Cover image by Andrew Neel on Unsplash


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