June 2018

coverpageJune2018_a copyVolume 9, Number 2, June 2018

Special Issue on JASAL 2017

Edited by Hisako Yamashita, Clair Taylor and Andrew D. Tweed


  • Introduction: Papers from JASAL 2017 by Hisako Yamashita, Clair Taylor and Andrew D. Tweed (86-89) [full text][PDF]


  • Self-Access Centers and Autonomous Learning: Report on the Japan Association for Self-Access Learning (JASAL) Conference, 2017 by Lorraine Reinbold (90-99) [full text][PDF]
  • Review of JASAL 2017 by a Student by Yui Fukushima (100-101) [full text][PDF]

Plenary paper

  • Self-Access Environments as Self-Enriching Complex Dynamic Ecosocial Systems by Garold Murray (102-115) [full text][PDF]

SAC Policy and Services

  • From Theory to Practice: Considerations in Opening a New Self-Access Center by Robert J. Werner and Lucius Von Joo (116-134) [full text][PDF]
  • 自律的日本語学習を支える学習環境としての留学生支援システム International Students Support System as a Learning Environment: Fostering Autonomous Japanese Language Learning by古屋憲章(Noriaki Furuya) and黒田史彦(Fumihiko Kuroda) (135-146) [full text][PDF]
  • Push, Don’t Pull: One Self-Access Centre’s Struggle for an Identity by Stuart Warrington (147-155) [full text][PDF]
  • Language Policy in Non-Classroom Language Learning Spaces by Katherine Thornton (156-178) [full text][PDF]

Collaboration, Community and Interaction

  • ニコニコ動画が持つバーチャルなセルフアクセスラーニングスペースとしての機能に関する考察~香港出身の日本語学習者の言語学習史をもとに~ The social networking service Niconico Douga as a virtual self-access learning space:  An analysis of the language learning history of a Japanese language learner from Hong Kong by中井好男 (Yoshio Nakai) (179-195) [full text][PDF]
  • 日本語スペイン語テレタンデムによる協働学習 Collaborative Learning through Japanese-Spanish Teletandem by シルビア・ゴンサレス (Silvia González) and長尾和子 (Kazuko Nagao) (196-216) [full text][PDF]
  • 自律学習の誘発を目的とした複数教員による討論型授業:大規模授業におけるアクティブラーニングの手法と効果の考察 A Case Study of Debates Run by More than One Teacher in an Economics Class as a Teaching Method for Self-Access Learning by中野謙 (Ken Nakano) (217-233) [full text][PDF]
  • Disseminating a Learner Voice through Collaborative Reflection by Airi Ota and Kie Yamamoto (234-242) [full text][PDF]

Announcements and Upcoming JASAL Events

  1. JASAL SAC tour @ ILA 2018 (Independent Learning Association Conference 2018), September 5th, 2018
    • We will visit 3 self-access centers in 3 different institutions in Kobe
    • Details of the tour are available HERE
    • Register for the ILA 2018 x JASAL SAC Tour HERE
  2. JASAL Symposium @ ILA 2018, September 5th-8th, Kobe, Japan
    • We will have a symposium where anyone interested in self-access learning and learner autonomy can share issues and learn from each other. The dates will be announced when the ILA Conference programme is ready. Check the ILA 2018 website at ila2018.org or HERE
  3. ILA 2018 Conference
    • James Lantolf, Jo Mynard, Chika Hayashi and Leena Karlsson are plenary speakers.
    • Find out more about ILA 2018 HERE
    • Register for ILA 2018 HERE
  4. SAC tour of E-CO at Otemon Gakuin University, September 10th, Ibaraki City, Osaka
    • Details available HERE
  5. JASAL 2018 x SUTLF 5, Sojo University in Kumamoto, December 15th
    • JASAL 2018 Annual Conference will be held in collaboration with Nankyu JALT this year.
    • The Call for Presentations is available HERE
  6. Interested in learning more about JASAL?

Cover photo: The SALC at Kanda University of International Studies, Chiba, Japan by Rob Stevenson

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