Call for Papers: Special Issue of SiSAL Journal. Selected papers from the IATEFL LASIG Conference, Metamorphosis: A Journey of Self-Directed Learning and Advising

80439767_10157269066323813_4138800824828559360_oCall for Papers: SiSAL Journal is planning to publish a special issue on selected papers from the IATEFL LASIG Conference, Metamorphosis: A Journey of Self-Directed Learning and Advising, hosted by Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University, School of Foreign Languages, Ankara, Turkey, on 19-20 March 2020 in September 2020 (Volume 11, Issue 3) edited by Tarık Uzun, Hatice Karaaslan and Stephanie Lea Howard. The deadline for submissions from presenters or participants is April 30th 2020. Details of the conference can be found at

Information for potential contributors

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University School of Foreign Languages, aiming to promote self-directed learning and guide its students to become autonomous learners, has launched the Learning Advisory Program (LAP) and established an official unit to organize its operation. In LAP, individual and personalized learning support is provided to learners through one-to-one sessions (either appointed or through a help-desk), group sessions, and/or via written advising. Learners who would like to contact learning advisors may ask for an appointment or simply visit them if they are available. Similarly, its Independent Learning Center (ILC) provides a supportive and collaborative environment for students to be able to explore and manage their unique ways of learning.

Considering the philosophy of advising, the theme of the conference in its broadest sense has been specified as: Metamorphosis: A Journey of Self-Directed Learning and Advising. In the light of this theme, academics, teachers, instructors, trainers, researchers, experts, practitioners, learning advisors, and learning coaches are encouraged to send proposals to present their invaluable research concerning the following sub-themes:

  • Advising in Language Learning
  • Learner Autonomy
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Self-Access Language Learning
  • Peer Advising
  • Classroom-Based Advising
  • Affect in Language Learning
  • Individual Differences in Language Learning
  • Learning Beyond the Classroom
  • Teacher Autonomy
  • Reflective Thinking in Language Teaching
  • Self -Access Material Design
  • Digital Tools/Media

The editors invite submissions from the conference presenters on their creative and innovative practices. Non-presenters can also submit their reviews of or reflections on the conference. The papers can be in English or Turkish, but we ask contributors writing in Turkish to submit their abstract in English as well.

This special issue may publish the following:

  • Research papers (around 4000 words)
  • My-share papers which are less research-focused and emphasize the sharing of practical ideas (around 3500 words)
  • Administrative-share papers which provide a platform for administrators concerned with the operations of self-access centers/language learning spaces/advising units (around 3500 words)
  • Perspectives (opinions and reflections) (around 2000 words)
  • Reviews (around 2000 words)

The selection criteria specified in the Conference Call for Papers document will also be considered for this special issue:

  • Appropriateness and significance of the topic
  • Originality of the study/research,
  • Research design (if an empirical study), with a clear rationale, data collection and data analysis procedures,
  • Theoretical framework (if a conceptual study), with a scientifically treated, well-grounded topic and solid contributions to the literature,
  • Quality of writing (well-written, carefully edited and proofread).

Submissions will follow the usual blind peer review process. Please refer to the following page for a detailed description of submission types and format:


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