Special Issue on Dialogue and Advising and Self-access Learning

SiSAL Journal is planning to publish a special issue on dialogue and advising and self-access learning in March 2015 (Volume 6, Issue 1).

Editors: Hisako Yamashita and Jo Mynard

Information for potential contributors

In recent years the field of advising in language learning has received increasing attention as educators recognise that the best way to prepare our learners with the skills they need to be able to learn languages throughout their lives is to equip them with autonomous learning skills. Fostering learner autonomy can be approached within the classroom, but it is beneficial if learners can also get support in taking responsibility for their learning outside the classroom.  Self-access centres are typically places where learners can find resources in order to develop the language skills that they need, but knowing where to start when taking responsibility for their learning can be challenging. Institutions investing in self-access extend such investments to providing specialist learning advisors to support learners as they direct their own learning outside of class. In order to ensure that learners are being provided with appropriate support, it is important that we research our practices and learn more about how to best support our learners.

SiSAL Journal is planning to publish a special issue on dialogue and advising and self-access learning in March 2015 (Volume 6, Issue 1). The editors invite submissions from colleagues who are involved in some way in advising language learners. The papers can be research papers, theoretical papers, and/or practical papers. Themes may include (but are not restricted to):

  1. Advising practices
  2. Advising roles
  3. Training learning advisors
  4. Dealing with emotions in advising
  5. Tools for supporting learners and advisors
  6. Promoting autonomy through advising
  7. Strategies used by learning advisors
  8. Advisor-Learner relationship
  9. Advising and institutional issues
  10. Dialogues and advising occurring at writing centres and language practice centres
  11. Peer advising dialogues

This special issue will publish the following:

  1. Full research articles of around 3,500 words
  2. Summaries and works in progress
  3. Descriptions of practice and practical applications of research on advising
  4. Perspectives (opinions and reflections)
  5. Reviews of events, academic books, articles or website resources

Submissions will follow the usual blind peer review process. Please refer to the following page for a detailed description of submission types and format:


Deadline for submissions: December 10th, 2014

Articles can be submitted via the usual channels outlined on the SiSAL Journal website:https://sisaljournal.org/


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