Call for papers: Special Issue on Self-Regulation in Foreign Language Learning

SiSAL Journal is planning to publish a special issue on Self-Regulation in Foreign Language Learning in December 2014 (Volume 5, Issue 4).

This special issue is open to all—not just those who presented at last year’s Symposium on self-regulation in Foreign Language Learning. In addition to research articles and works in progress, perspective pieces and reviews are also welcome. So if you are interested in writing a review of the Symposium or a related book or website resource, this would also be acceptable.

Deadline for submissions: May 31st, 2014

Submissions to be sent directly to the guest editors for this special issue:
Paul Collett and Kristen Sullivan
Shimonoseki City University, Japan
Email: srl2013[at]

Alternatively, articles can be submitted via the usual channels outlined on the SiSAL Journal website:

For more details, refer to:



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