September 2021

Volume 12, Number 3

Special issue featuring papers from Self-Directed Learning and Advising in Language Education Online Conference, Ankara, Turkey, 24 April 2021

Edited by Tarik Uzun and Stephanie Lea Howard


  • Introduction to the Special Issue by Tarik Uzun and Stephanie Lea Howard (190–194) [full text] [PDF]
  • Analyzing Advising Sessions for Rapport-Building Discursive Elements by Aslıhan Tuğçe Güler (195–211) [full text] [PDF]
  • The Learning Advisory Program Club Events and Well-Being: Regular Clubbers’ Reflections on Their Experiences by Gamze Guven-Yalcin (212–230) [full text] [PDF]
  • Perceptions of English Language Instructors on the Effectiveness of Learning Advisory Training Programme (LATP) by Hülya Şen and Mümin Şen (231–247) [full text] [PDF]
  • The Digitalization of Self-Access and Advising Services in Times of a Global Pandemic by Tarik Uzun and Gamze Guven-Yalcin (248–265) [full text] [PDF]

Practice-Based Papers

  • Practical Ideas on Developing Learner Autonomy for Young Learners by Senem Üstün Kaya and İnci Keçik [266–280] [full text] [PDF]
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Autonomous of them All? by Ebru Sınar Okutucu (281-294) [full text] [PDF]

Event Reviews

  • A Review of the Plenary Talks on Advising and Self-Directed Learning: Two Important Systems for Learner Autonomy by Neslihan Atcan Altan (295-300)[full text] [PDF]
  • Through an English Teacher’s Eyes: Self-Directed Learning and Advising in Language Education E-Conference by Ezgi Celik Uzun (301-306) [full text] [PDF]
  • Through Preservice English Teachers’ Eyes: Impressions on Attending an International E-Conference by Tarik Uzun, Hatice Karaaslan,Meysa Acar, Dilek Akin, Selen Ertunc, and Cansu Yasar (307-316) [full text] [PDF]