September, 2015

coverpageSep2015smallVolume 6, Number 3, September 2015 

Edited by Jo Mynard





  • ‘Significant Others’ in Influencing Arab EFL Learners’ Learning Strategy Use and Development: A Qualitative Inquiry by Anas Hajar (257-270) [full text][PDF]
  • Self-Access Learning Centers and the Importance of Being Curious by Brian Birdsell (271-285) [full text][PDF]

Language Learning Spaces: Self-Access in Action
Edited by Katherine Thornton

Part 2: Promoting learner involvement through peer-learning initiatives 

  • Introduction: The Crucial Role of Peer-Learning in Language Learning Spaces by Katherine Thornton (286-287) [full text] [PDF]
  • Facilitating a Face-To-Face Tandem Language Exchange on a University Campus by Marie-Thérèse Batardière and Catherine Jeanneau (288-299) [full text] [PDF]
  • Implementing a Student Peer-Mentoring Programme for Self-Access Language Learning by Carol Everhard (300-312) [full text] [PDF]
  • The SAC as a Community of Practice: A Case Study of Peer-Run Conversation Sessions at the Universidad del Caribe by Elvira del Carmen Acuña González, Magdalena Avila Pardo, and Jane Elisabeth Holmes Lewendon (313-321) [full text] [PDF]


  • Upcoming Special Issue: Call for papers

Special Issue on Virtual and other learning spaces, June, 2016 (Volume 7, Issue 2) edited by Curtis Edlin and Jo Mynard. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: January 15th, 2016. Read more…

Cover image: The ILC at Yildrim Beyazit University, Ankara, Turkey