June, 2013

Special Issue on Supporting Self-directed Learning 
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Volume 4, Number 2, June 2013 
Edited by Jo Mynard

  • Editorial: Special Issue on Supporting Self-directed Learning by Jo Mynard (70-72) [full text] [PDF]


  • The Relationship Between Learners’ Self-directed Learning Readiness and their English for Specific Purposes Course Accomplishment at Distance Education in Iran by Parinaz Mohammadi and Seyed Mahdi Araghi (73-84) [full text] [PDF]
  • Beyond the Classroom: The Role of Self-Guided Learning in Second-Language Listening and Speaking Practice by Marion Davis (85-95) [full text] [PDF]
  • A Move Towards Autonomy: Individualized Education Plans for Effective Materials Use by Kenneth Cranker and Nicole Servais (96-124) [full text] [PDF]
  • Self-access Language Learning Programme: The case of the English Language Voluntary Intensive Independent Catch-up Study by Salomi Papadima-Sophocleous (125- 140) [full text] [PDF]

Regular Column

  • General Introduction to the “Case Studies in Self-Access” Column  by Jo Mynard [full text]
  • Case Study Introduction by Katherine Thornton (Column Editor) [full text] [PDF]
  • Re-designing a Curriculum for Self-directed Language Learning: Defining Parameters by Katherine Thornton [full text] [PDF]


  • Upcoming Special Issue: Call for Papers 

Special Issue on Accessing and Accessorizing for Self-Access Language Learning (SALL). December, 2013 (Volume 4, Issue 4) edited by Carol J. Everhard, Independent Researcher (formerly) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece

First call for submissions: August 1st, 2013
Final deadline for submissions: October 1st, 2013
Details: https://sisaljournal.org/for-authors/accessing-issue-call/

Cover photo: Sojo University, Kumamoto, Japan